Why StoneBridge

If you are searching for a superior roofing product, StoneBridge’s stone coated steel roofing is an excellent option to consider. When compared to other materials, stone coated steel roofs meet or surpass virtually every measure of quality.

StoneBridge roofing tiles have the following characteristics:

LONG LASTING 30-YEAR WARRANTY – StoneBridge roofing offers a 30 year warranty on its stone coated roofing tiles. This warranty is transferrable to future homeowners, and ensures you can enjoy the comfort and security that comes from a stone coated roof installation.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – The metal material is made of 50% recycled steel, and is 100% recyclable after it’s 50-year lifespan. The stone coating is made from oil-free natural stone granules, which are coated and colored with a ceramic layer. In contrast, asphalt shingles are made from petroleum and fiberglass, and have a larger carbon footprint and shorter lifespan than stone coated steel roofs.
StoneBridge roofing provides high quality stone coated steel roofing materials in Nigeria.

BEST VALUE – StoneBridge roofing stands for uncompromised quality and comes with unparalled service and a 30 year warranty. All of this is available at extremely cost effective prices, thereby offering the best value to customers.

HEAT AND SOUND INSULATION – The stone coating of the roof tiles over the steel base provides insulation from heat and sound.

ULTRAVIOLET / CORROSION RESISTANT – The powerful combination of aluminium & zinc coating protects the tiles from rust and corrosion while the acrylic over glaze safeguards the tiles from the harsh of the sun.

ALGAE AND FUNGI RESISTANT -The multi-layered protective coating prevents fungi growth.

MAINTENANCE FREE – StoneBridge tiles do not require any maintenance, apart from the occasional wash from the rain! The tiles have up to a 30 year warranty, thus guaranteeing quality.

LIGHTWEIGHT TILES – The light weight nature of the tiles means that less timber is used in the roof structure as compared to traditional roof tiles.

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