Water Collectors

Rain water systems are used to divert rain water through a channel into a specified output, for the purpose of preserving the aesthetics, controlling flooding or simply for collecting water for other use. StoneBridge offers the complete range of water collectors required to completely fit your home and commercial building project. Listed below are different components of the StoneBridge water collector model.
StoneBridge outlets come customized with a neoprene rubber gasket (see image directions) which help to hold the joints together thus creating a seal when water is transported through the system. This is the reason why our systems are less susceptible to leakages.
StoneBridge water collectors are available in Black, White and Brown, the universally accepted colours. The Joint Bracket is used to connect one gutter to another. One very important feature of our Joint Bracket is the presence of Clamps. These clamps that are affixed to the top of the brackets fix the gutters snugly into the Joint Bracket to ensure it doesn’t fall off or release water. It is a much better option than using gum to attach the gutter to the brackets (this practice is used in most other PVC gutter systems). See image below for connected parts of a rainwater collection system showing its practicality (use of clamps and placement):
From Left to Right -The image shows a StoneBridge Joint Bracket, attached snugly to the Gutter. The other end of the Gutter is attached to the 90° Angle Bracket (also with clamps). The clamps ensure that everything fits and reduces water leakages.
The gutter system is streamlined to channel water from one point to another. It has line patterns (see below) that direct and control the flow of water within the channel. Water flow is very important in a PVC rainwater system. The kind of gutter used in a system is a huge determinant in controlling the flow of water through it. Thus the shape and general design of the gutter must fit the purpose of the consumer; hence the provision of StoneBridge’s regency styled gutter, widely accepted in the Nigerian market.
The angle bracket is used at sharp bends and provides a continuous flow of water through the pipe. StoneBridge brackets have rubber gaskets fitted at its rear points (just like the outlet). It also has embedded lines that move the water along its way (similar to the Gutter).
The StoneBridge water collector system uses a 74mm “profiled” downpipe for transporting water through the system. A square pipe can also be used for customers that want a less costly option for their PVC system.

The StoneBridge rain water shoe is designed in such a way that it fits both profiled downpipes and square downpipes, and is a very important factor as it helps with customers that have specific preferences or want reduced pricing.

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